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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Give it another shot. There is A LOT to see outside of the tourist traps. Since 1986, everything will be new to you. I remember coming to the city as a kid and seeing nothing but strip clubs and peep shows but that era is LONG gone.

These bridges carry people and freight over large swaths of the country, not just our town or city. Doesn't the Federal government pay for "your wall" down there?
I do not doubt one bit that it has changed in 33 years, in fact I would hope so, and be shocked if it had not!

The wall? What wall? Do you have Google Earth? Look up Nogales Az, and then follow "the wall" a few miles out of town in either direction. What is a fence in town turns into nothing more than a cattle guard, with roads coming up on both sides from the North and South just a few miles to the East and West. There are hundreds of miles along the Southern border just like this. The wall is an absolutely necessary part of defending the nation, falling under federal jurisdiction. Hardly the same thing as keeping NYC a "showpiece".