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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Yeah, I have to roll my eyes every time I hear him talk about how much he's "for infrastructure." He essentially killed the much needed hudson river tunnel between NYC and NJ. It's a been a top infrastructure priority for years and the Trump administration reneged on the deal to fund half of it. Millions of Americans are affected by it but the project involves two states that did not vote for him so... dead. I guess he forgot that he's the president of ALL states, not just the ones who like him.
Since i am involved in state and federally funded infrastructure projects daily, I can maybe shed some light on what is/isnt federally funded.

Typically, funding from the state significantly outweighs funding from the federal level. For example, a recent Interstate Project i was involved in recently received $200mill from the state, ~$100mill from the feds, ~$50-75 mill from the surrounding communities. A water infrastructure project im currently involved in gets $10mill from the state, $5mill from the feds, $25mill from the local municipalities. In all the projects I have done over the last decade +, federal funding has been at most, 50% of state funding, unless it is a Federal Project site, or is classified as a high priority site/project by Homeland Security.

The Federal Government isnt here to fund local projects. It is here to help supplement states funding, and shouldnt be expected to be a significant contributor.
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