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Originally Posted by Lups View Post
I've forgotten to tell you about my new project... a sane one, again...

So, after I got my whole ribs and side and all the muscles finally in order after about 7 months in pain, I couldn't do anything real. I could chop some wood and so on but after the third injury I kind of decided to try that resting thing. Basically all renovations, until summer were sewing curtains or painting...

Well, in that time since I had no books to read, I thought I could be a bit useful. I went to a local women's shelter and posted an add which said " a free handyman willing to fix apartments you're not allowing your exes in again"

1 month: Zero calls.
2nd month : 3 calls.
3rd month: 15 calls.
4 month: drowning.

I've fixed everything from doors that have been kicked in to stabbed walls to bunch marks to walls kicked in. I got my palls to donate me their extra materials from construction sites they work on and a local locksmith taught me how to do a cheap fix on a lock preferred here.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not bored anymore but it is 2020, why don't we have a real charity here for this shit? All construction sites have extra bits of material that end up in dumpsters.

Anyway. Back to Iran. Trump speech was a fucking idiotic one again. Nothing new under the sun. Funny how iran is the adult in this.
Don't you know, Trump and idiot goes hand in hand.
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You're making babies for me!