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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
I don't know about everyone else, but nearly every day when I drive my car, I'm the only one in it. I don't know what's impractical about a coupe if that too is your situation. I would estimate that about 90% of my e92's usage occurs with just me in the car. The practicality argument just doesn't add up for me...

I can understand buying a sedan because it's less costly. I can see buying one if you really do cart around more than one other individual most of the time. I can see getting one if you think it looks better than the coupe (not likely, but you may think so).

As for doing the daily chores that one uses a car for, I have found it far easier to just use the trunk rather than the back seat. Indeed, I absolutely prefer to put things in the trunk and keep the passenger cabin free of "stuff." Stop the car, press the trunk release button with my toe, get out open the trunk, insert/remove whatever and close the trunk Life could not be simpler. The only think I might have used the back seat for (besides passengers) was the dry cleaning, but as the dry cleaners pick up and deliver, I don't use the car for that chore.
I understand what you're trying to say but some people do need the convenience of a sedan. I guess you should feel lucky and thank God that you don't need it.
Like for example: ME. I don't need a sedan right now but in the future, when I'll hopefully be married and have a bunch of kids, I couldn't be rocking a coupe, could I? As I don't go off road, I would like a sedan with some kind of performance. Now if I want a performance oriented sedan, which car manufacturer do I turn to? Mercedes C63 AMG? IS-F?? S4??? I don't like any of them as much as I like the M3 sedan. I think the aggressive body style, the super motor, 5 seat utility, great handling, fit and finish etc is a win win situation. Most buyers who can afford this car can afford another utility vehicle or a beater but wouldn't it be nice to have all in one??

BTW, I think the M3 sedan really looks good. Way better then the basic 3 series sedan.
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