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Originally Posted by Mad-scientist View Post
I'm considering buying a used M4 convertible, C63 AMG S, or a 911 991. I am only buying one of these cars with under 30,000 miles and a perfect CARFAX. I want a car that will be a great daily driver I don't need lots of space the 911 has enough space for my needs. I want the car to have great realiablity and I also want the car that will look new and not dated for the longest. I have saved up for a very long time and have all my finances in order to deal with any repairs, but I would like any advice on if one of these cars will have more problems then the others. I am going to be buying one of these cars in the next couple months and I need oppinions from as many forums, friends, and professionals as possible. At the end of the day I am looking for the car that is the most fun with a good mix of not being dated quickly or being unreliable. I will be keeping this car for 5 to 7 years and my max budget is about $65,000 but I would feel better spending around $45,000 to $50,000 which would pretty much leave me with just the M4 as an option. Would the c63 amg s or the 911 991 really be worth the extra cash?

I am leaning towards the M4 the most and would really like to know if there are certain years I should avoid and if the competition package is worth buying. I can get a used 2015 m4 with around 30,000 miles on it from carfax for around $41,000 or a 2018 competition for about $55,000. Is the newer year with a competition package really worth the extra $14,000 or would I be just as happy with a 2015 model? I am coming from a 2007 328i coupe bmw so any of these examples will be a huge improvement. Thank you very much for your guys time I look forward to reading your responces.
All m4's are mechanically the same so go with earlier year

LCI changes very little, tail lights, which you can upgrade for pennies if that's a big deal to you.

One thing about M4 vert, rattles. My friend had his for 3 years and after a year everything inside rattles like it was loose.

Otherwise it's a great all around car.

New M4 is coming in a year or so, so you won't have latest version, BUT in 911 you will be few models behind.

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