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I'm considering buying a used M4 convertible, C63 AMG S, or a 911 991. I am only buying one of these cars with under 30,000 miles and a perfect CARFAX. I want a car that will be a great daily driver I don't need lots of space the 911 has enough space for my needs. I want the car to have great realiablity and I also want the car that will look new and not dated for the longest. I have saved up for a very long time and have all my finances in order to deal with any repairs, but I would like any advice on if one of these cars will have more problems then the others. I am going to be buying one of these cars in the next couple months and I need oppinions from as many forums, friends, and professionals as possible. At the end of the day I am looking for the car that is the most fun with a good mix of not being dated quickly or being unreliable. I will be keeping this car for 5 to 7 years and my max budget is about $65,000 but I would feel better spending around $45,000 to $50,000 which would pretty much leave me with just the M4 as an option. Would the c63 amg s or the 911 991 really be worth the extra cash?

I am leaning towards the M4 the most and would really like to know if there are certain years I should avoid and if the competition package is worth buying. I can get a used 2015 m4 with around 30,000 miles on it from carfax for around $41,000 or a 2018 competition for about $55,000. Is the newer year with a competition package really worth the extra $14,000 or would I be just as happy with a 2015 model? I am coming from a 2007 328i coupe bmw so any of these examples will be a huge improvement. Thank you very much for your guys time I look forward to reading your responces.
Each of these cars are fine, reliability-wise, although they're not Toyotas.

The Porsche will be the best (and most fun) as a back-road bandit, while the Mercedes will be the best highway trip car (although it's no slouch in the twisties). The Merc also has that to-die-for exhaust note, right from startup.

The Bimmer is neither fish nor fowl in this context. It's the heaviest car here by a fair margin, and you can both see and hear cowl shake on bumpy roads. Even on smooth twisties, the other two feel much more of a piece to the driver. I am told that rattles are just part of the game, although my personal experience is only one test drive in a new one - which already had a couple of rattles.

On the other hand, it's a convertible, which come Spring and Fall, brings it's own fun.

There are no outright losers here.

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