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      08-27-2020, 11:14 PM   #1
Damage Inc
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Drives: 2017 M2
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1 year with Giulia QV. Loved it but had to dump it.

While I ended up buying an M2 for the reasons below. Figured I'd post on the M3 forum for my QV experiences as its a closer match to the M3.

I had an 18 Alfa Giulia Quadrifolglio for 1 year. Planned to keep it through Dec or Jan to swap for an R8. In a year only died out 1 time due to battery issue which I wrote off as a fluke (didnt happen again). Then about 3 weeks ago it started stalling out with no notice, like it ran out of gas. over 1\2 tank. 3 trips to the dealer, they only cleared codes and had no clue. It was dangerous as 1 time I was blocking the entrance to a parking garage the other time in a left turn lane on a very busy road. WTF. You cannot put a QV in neutral and need a very special towtruck so you are basically screwed. Decided F this just get rid of the damn thing as it's my only car at the moment. My gut was telling me this is going to be a slippery slope of upcoming issues. Cut my losses. What happens if it stalls out in the left lane of a highway or in the school pickup line with 50 cars behind me. Ugh.

My previous cars are all over the place... 01 M3 to 05 M3 to 08 M6 to 11 M3 to 15 M3 to 06 M5 to 14 911 C4S to 15 911 GTS to 17 M2 to 14 R8 to QV. Yeah, no rhyme or reason how I select cars other than love trying different sports cars.

I needed to find a car quick (and local) to get out of the POS Alfa. Missed out on a nice 18 manual F80 ZCP manual. Although I will admit the ZCP is Fk'n HARSH on the road. Eww. And reminded me why I got out of my 15 M3 - super numb steering but yet overly harsh - what a strange combo BMW created.
The Alfa is always communicating but NEVER harsh. That's why I bought the QV over the M3 a year ago. So then started to look at M2's. A bit softer albeit bouncy due to short wheelbase. Missed out on a local manual then found a black 17 manual 19k miles 4 hours way for a decent price so put down deposit then went and bought it. Dealer gave me great money on the Alfa, I paid a decent market rate for the M2. It has a bunch of road rash on the front I may need to fix, but worse case get the bumper sprayed. Car looks good in black.

Thank God the Alfa made it 4 hours. I figured it was a 50/50 chance it would break down and I'd be screwed in the middle of nowhere lol.

When I bought the QV a year ago I was shopping for an M3 manual sedan when my local dealer had the QV. Drove it and was blown away. Figured be nice to try something new, and I enjoyed the rarity of it as I've had M cars since 2001 when they were not on every corner. Figured roll the dice on reliability... made it about a year.


While Alfa has its reliability issues, the QV is magical to drive. Hopping into the M2 magnifies the level of detail in the QV drive. The M2's feels like a 2 series with a beefed up motor and M treatment, and just a brute. "dont think just drive it hard". The QV steering is amazingly weighted and communicates, and the suspension has magic in it - you feel the car movement during cornering and elevation changes. Its like during a hard turn it levels out the car while turning then you can feel the rear end hunker down as you floor it out of the apex - feels like 911 level grip. The Ferrari engineers tuned the car amazing. Where the M2 is a little numb side steering and suspension feel, like an extra level of softness. Kinda like when I ran track in HS - the QV is a sprint cleat with no socks where you feel every bit of gravel with complete control and the M2 is a long distance shoe with some padding in it. The M2 drives on the road where the QV drives in the road.

The M2 has its charm though. Its like the hot blond who's not so smart but just fun.

QV power is just stupid fast. Interior details are a few levels above the M2, why does the M2 have a steering wheel out the size of a school bus lol?

M2 infotainment is way better than the Alfa. I really missed the exterior of M cars. While the M doesn't have the attention to detail of the Alfa I just like the hunkered down chiseled look with the flared fenders.

Driving around town not many cars are much more satisfying than the M2 with a manual. The shifter is a sweet spot between sport and leisure for daily driving, the M2 steering and suspension is numb, much softer and more insulated from the road than the QV so while not as engaging its admittedly less tiring to drive for a longer period of time. While down on power the M2 is much more fun to wring out when driving the kids to practice or running errands. The QV brakes are a joke around town, I get motion sickness trying to stop the car just horrible. On the backroads the M2 is a little boring as the engine runs out of steam at high rev's and the lack of feedback from the steering and chassis is a bit vanilla. But again, around town for a DD its pleasing.

Sound wise I had an MPE on my previous M2 and hated it due to the drone. Swapped for a Dinan X pipe plus Dinan muffler and it was excellent, deep angry tone with no drone. Stock the M2 engine is a bit coarse sounding more like a modded 2 series than M car. Since this car will be a short term car before grabbing an R8 I'm hoping to pick up something used and loud on the forum to spice up the noises a bit. The QV is the only car I've owned in 20 years where I didn't swap exhausts. While its not in the same league as my M6 e-race, R8 Kline, or M5 E60 Corsa - its fine for the new wave of turbo cars with farts and overrun to make up for the lack of cream your pants V10 8500 RPM race exhaust top end sound.

Almost forgot - trans - QV is an auto - first auto I've owned since 1997 - and its kinda boring. Its tuned to feel like a DCT or PDK and its very nice for what it is. But something about a manual for driver involvement. Too bad the new M cars are auto too. I don't mind a good DCT or SMG if you an adjust the shift modes.

Anyways... that's my rant and experience. YMMV, just my candid thoughts.

If you have a used Dinan X Pipe and rear muffler send me a PM I'll take it off your hands
G20 330i (DD) / Audi Q8 (Family) / R8 RWS (Thrill Ride)

Past Performance Cars: 01 M3, 05 M3, 06 M5, 08 M6, 08 M3, 11 M3, 15 M3, 911 C4S, 911 GTS, 17 M2, 14 R8 V8

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      08-28-2020, 12:15 AM   #2

Drives: 2017 BMW M4
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Location: Laguna Hills, CA

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I abandoned ship in January. I had a '17 with CCB and Sparco seats. No reliability issues just not a great car. And 0 aftermarket offerings. Don't miss it at all.
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      08-28-2020, 02:02 PM   #3
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Drives: E36 M3, Giulia QV, 07 911 TT
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Had the exact same issue happen to me..died on a 95F day in the middle of the street 1/4 tank gas. Dealer had to reprogram both ECUs and never had it happen again. The ZF trans issue (not being able to go into neutral) is pretty much the same for all models using the ZF 8hp. Need a special long 5mm screw to put it into neutral from underneath (what a pain on a lowered car). Really liked the M2 as it reminded me of my old e46 m3 in proportions. Going to wait till the next gen M3 as a replacement for the QV.
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      08-28-2020, 02:24 PM   #4

Drives: 17 F80 M3 ZCP
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too bad about these issues. I heard it might be related to a bad batch of fuel pumps.

The M3/M2 will never handle like the Alfa (stock for stock) and even with some mild handling mods. The Alfas steering is magic...
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      08-28-2020, 03:31 PM   #5

Drives: 2018 M3 ZCP
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Too bad about the reliability issues. I would seriously consider one otherwise. Maybe I'll check it out when they facelift it.
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      08-31-2020, 11:07 AM   #6
Soul Coughing

Drives: 2017 BMW M3 ZCP
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Really wanted to get a QV when i was cross shopping cars - eventually got a m3 zcp - but the reliability really scared the crap out of me, and basically made it a non-starter. Really sad as it sounds like its an amazing car to drive! Enjoy the new car!
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