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Drives: BMW M4 f82
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BMW f32/f82 Bimmertech Amplifier & Alpha One Speakers upgrade

BMW f32/f82 Bimmertech Amplifier & Alpha One Speakers upgrade

So, this is a description of the process of me upgrading my BMW M4 f82 2015 from base stereo to the Bimmertech Alpha One speaker system and amplifier (link 1 below). Below I will start on my initial thoughts before doing the upgrade, followed by my impression of Bimmertech (BT) in general and the installation process and the end-result in particular. Each of the steps in the installation can also be viewed in links provided below and referred to throughout the text.

I bought my car used and a knew it was quite low in spec. but I wanted it as it had some of the features that I really wanted (e.g. manual transmission, all black, etc.). What I did not know was that it had the base stereo (no amp and no tweeters in front, see link 2). To be honest I did not even know that BMW provided such a poor option in their premium cars. Still, I bought the car and immediately started looking for upgrading options for the stereo. At first I was not looking for a premium system but rather options that would give me the tweeters in front for a low cost. I considered BMW Alpine front system upgrade, which I soon realized was not possible for my car due to the engine sound enhancement coming from the speakers. I considered taking the car to an independent car stereo builder, but realized the bang for the buck was quite low. Soon I realized that BT amplifier and their plug and play harness was a good option and at the time Bavsounds speaker upgrade seemed like a good match with the amplifier. I did, however, hesitate due to the price and the installation process scared me.

Eventually I realised that I had to go ahead with the upgrade and at the same time BT launched their alpha one speaker upgrade. I decided to go with BT for the full upgrade. As far as I know both price and quality is similar between the Bavsound and BT speaker upgrade and I thought it would be convenient to stick with one company. BT was very informative and helpful. I got all the necessary information about OBD coding procedures which is necessary going from base to stereo and they sent me detailed descriptions of the installation process even before I did the purchase. I did the purchase and a week later I had the amplifier, speakers and harness in hand.

I started doing the remote coding process together with BT technicians. This was easy and quick and the information provided by BT was spot on. Basically the only thing I did was installing some software on my computer, plugged my computer to my OBD port with the Ethernet cable provided and then allowed the technician to do the coding remotely. It only took 15 minutes and afterwards the stereo sounded a lot less, indicating that the head unit outputted HiFi signal. All else was working as usual including dings and dongs from the parking sensors.

Now I was ready for the actual installation. I highly recommend reading the BT instructions a few times before staring, check which tools you need (clearly stated in instructions), and make sure that you have time (10-12 hours) and space for the installation. Then you start removing trim, A LOT OF TRIM (link 3-4). I started in front, removed the head unit and attached the BT harness (link 5). This was slightly tricky but eventually I managed to get everything in place. I then routed the harness through the foot well, along the driverís side of the car, under the back seat and back to the trunk where the amp is installed. By now you realize the amount of trim that needs to be removed along the whole car including the trunk (link 6) and the back seat also needs to be removed (link 7). This takes time but it is not difficult, especially if you use the BT trim tools. When the harness was in place I installed the amp and made sure that the speakers produced sound. All well and done, I had sound and continued with the speaker upgrade.

I started with the woofers under the front seats (link 8). Front seats needs to be released and tilted back towards the back seat (do not disconnect electric connections !!). This provides well enough of room to unscrew the woofer plastic boxes (link 8). The woofers needs to come out of the plastic box which can be tricky as they are glued down. In my case it was not a problem, the glue cracked easily and the woofers were out. I then mounted the BT woofers into the box both with 3M tape along the edge of the woofers and screws. I then remounted the plastic boxes with the BT woofers underneath the seats and I routed the cables going from the amp to the woofers. The driverís side is easy as all trim is already removed but the passenger side routing needs additional trim removal. Finally, plugging in the woofers is easy, plug and play (link 8).

Finally, I did the midrange speaker and tweeter install in the front doors. Door side panel needs to be removed (link 8) which was a bit tricky as mine was sitting hard. Had to apply quite a lot of force but eventually it came out. After the panel is off the speaker upgrade is easy (link 8). Midrange speaker sits with 3 screws only and the disconnection and connection is as simple as that. The tweeters are also connected plug and play but note that tweeter covers needs to be bought separately (BMW product no. 51337401153 and 51337401154) before installation.

After all the installation was done I listened to the sound, which was amazing, and then I started reassembling the car. All trim, back seat and front seats needs to be put back in the opposite order as it was taken out. Again, this is a lot of work but not hard work. Also after hearing the sound of the stereo you are so happy about the upgrade, putting another few hours on putting your car together is just a joy.

So, now to my final impression. The sound is GREAT. The base is not overwhelming but I was blown away by how clear the tone of the sound is. You get a clear and crisp note from tweeters through to the midrange and down to the base. So, my final recommendation is that the upgrade is definitely worth both price and time spent.

Useful Links

Link 1 (Alpha one speakers and amplifier)

Link 2 (Base stereo explained)

Link 3-4 (Overview of installation process)

Link 5 (Head unit extraction)

Link 6 (Trunk trim removal and amp install)

Link 7 (General speaker install, including back seat removal)

Link 8 (General speaker install, including subs and front seat extraction)
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