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Thumbs up My F80 M3 delivered! Alpine White/Sakhir Orange (exhaust clip, interior, vs E90 M3)

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Ok, I just picked up my F80 M3.

This car drives awesome. It is so much lighter and the sound is just amazing. It is classic bmw inline 6 with a twist. It feels so nimble and fun, especially after the M6 (F13). I still have my E90 M3 6 speed, but this feels so refined and torquy. I was thinking to get a 6mt, especially after being bored to death in the M6, but right now it feels like the perfect choice.

I need to finish working to drive more. It is just too exciting.
Sounds way different than my 1M and its loud and not raspy as in the videos.

More impressions:

Ok, I really really need a week off just to drive this car. Our nice driving roads are at least an hour's drive. The sound is just amazing compared to the clips online. That really scared me. I thought that it would sound crap but am really impressed. This sounds like No other engine. I LOVE it.

The steering is p e r f e c t. Don't feel that it is electric. Very direct and very responsive. My E90 has KW clubsports and this car feels amazing in comparison. I am very happy. It is not diluted. Bmw got this steering feel right.

The technology inside is amazing. I will try to post some videos later. As for the plastic inside, I never keep it! I had to pick up the car and leave to work, so the ugly plastic was there.

Coming from an M6 (F13), this torque curve is very impressive. It is easy even during break in. Lots of torque and pull at 4000 and below. I went to drive the E90 M3 and that car sounds like angry bees and the throttle is super sharp in comparison. But, the F80 is sharp for a turbo.

I need to drive my 1M, but this car is special. Best M3 I had so far. I think that I have a new favourite M engine.

As for the interior: the leather dash is amazing. On par with the M6. I just miss the Alcantara roof. It gives it an upscale feel that is not present on my E90, even though I had the extended leather. The seats feel great but sad they are not ventilated.

The stance of this car is just amazing. Love how angry and wide it is.

There is a strange noise when braking and coming to a complete stop, the car makes a friction noise. Dunno if it is something to do with efficient dynamics, but I don't want to focus on it now. It only happens in the last meters before you stop completely.

Also my android phone (Note 3 on 4.2.2) does not play music via bluetooth but makes calls [update: this now works]. The iPhone 5S does calls and music and shows the album art.

Impressions - April 24

One thing I liked is the fact that the rear fenders are wide and BMW covered them in a clear film, ala 911!!!

If someone wants a roof rack with the carbon roof, there are no screws to hold the roof,just and indentation.

The steering is just gggggrrreeeaaaaaat I just love it. The steering is just beautiful. Nicely weighted and not too heavy even in sport+ In the M6 (F13), sport+ was when you had no time to go to the gym and wanted to train your arms. The efficient mode is light but not too light. I kept on switching from sport to sport+ and both were perfect with sport+ being a tad heavier but feels direct.

As for throttle response, I switched from sport plus to efficient and the pedal felt not as responsive and the noise of the car came down. It is actually louder in Sports+. My E90 was always on comfort or sport but never sport plus in the throttle response.

Also I was excited to see that the car is responsive in Sport+ and does not seem to have lag. Of course the shove will come once you are up in the rpm range, but in the 1M I had to wait a bit. This really feels like a proper M3.

The sound of the engine really builds up at 4k rpm and gets louder. When pulling away from stops, it is a but N54 with exhaust but then changes charachter to a deep mechanical BMW inline 6. I can hover at 4k rpm all day.

I programmed my M2 at D3 and Sport everything plus DSC off
M1 setup at Sport plus and S3 plus of course DSC off
I need to drift this car ASAP!!!
DCT is smoother than the F13 M6 in Auto mode - very nice and smooth you can leave it in Auto. However, it is more involving and makes you want to use the paddles compared with the big and heavy F13. I think the DCT is the right tranny especially with this much power.

The F13 was useless in 1st and second gears
It was also more heavy to drift and change direction while drifting...too much weight being tossed around

I want to finish the break in to start some drifting
Bye bye Michelins

In comparison to the E90, the doors and trunk feel light.

Leather dash is great, but I wish they continued the leather on the bottom part of the doors.

It [mechanical feel of drivetrain] feels more refined than the E90 but not a bore-trap like the M6 (F13).

When coming to a stop or a corner, you get to feel the car downshift and is always ready.

When at night you open the doors, the lights will open on that side only. So, if I open the rear left door, the light on that side will light up. Unlike the E90. The badges light up when you unlock the car.

More impressions - April 24:

Transmission Modes

I tend to keep it on the second mode all the time.
If I keep it on S3, then it has an artificial shove at the end which reminds me of an SMG transmission.

In D mode, it is better though.

I like the steering on Sport. Now starting to notice that Sport+ is a bit heavier, but not too heavy like an M6. Did I mention that the steering is fantastic?

I am really impressed with them. They are strong, coming from an E90. BTW, the F13 M6 brakes were useless, especially after a few spirited runs between there you could feel the weight.

The door is really really light. It actually feels a bit cheap to be honest. I keep on closing the door and it doesnt close so end up slamming it harder. My ordeal is that I close the door twice (or was I spoilt by soft close doors?)

The E90 has a heavier door with a vault like clunk when closing.

Full Leather to me is a must. Will never buy a car without it. Hate the textured plastic on the doors and wish I could cover it. The M6 even had leather in the door pockets.

Headliner looks cheap in comparison to the E90. But, I think that this is standard German, cause even the S class has the same material. I feel that the same company supplies all, but I do miss my Alcantara roof.

Vents on the seats should have been utilized for ventilated seats, but the weight would have been an issue. The seats feel very light but I miss the extendable thigh support (used it on the passenger side to hold my phones and other stuff)

Idrive is FAAAAAAST. Of Course, My E90 is a 2008 model while the F13 was a 2013 model. Still, I love this iDrive.

The lights are beautiful. High beams are very bright too. Love the LED lamps.

This car makes me want to finish the break in today. But, if I dont sleep then I will definitely crash!! It pulls nicely with 1/4 and 1/2 throttle. The change in noise at around 4k is beautiful.

The car has a combination of noises. Now I am starting to hear a raspy note above 4.5k and some other juicy noises. I love it. I kept the windows down to listen.

The car is very comfy while handling great. Very similar to the E90 and less harsh than a 1M

Any other impressions?
Otherwise I will sleep to wake up early for a drive and some more pics

Impressions - April 25:

I drove today for an additional 250 kilometers.

I love the sound of the car and I just keep the windows down.

It has different noises:
Turbo spool
some rasp
some engine noise
very nice mix

I really want to finish the break in period, its KILLING ME.

and I am enjoying the sports gauge on the idrive. Shows you how much peak torque and horespower (F30 people already know this, I didnt have it before :0)

Took some nice twisty roads and kept on switching between sport and sport plus. Still undecided which one I like more. In high speed corners I kept it on Sport plus, but then in roundabouts I went back to sport. Both are nice, with sport plus being a bit heavier.

The traction control is different than the E90. I was driving down the twisties and with cruise control set at 140km. When there was a strong bend, the car slowed down by itself to 130 and then back again. I didnt see the traction control light flashing...

When turning on the car, there is not much drama...just a simple start up with not much noise. The 1M on the one hand was very noisy at startup and then cools down.
I wonder what an Akra would do for startup :-)

Its the driving noises which are amazing.

Impressions - April 25-26:

I almost reached 1000km
1000km more to go before the fun starts, although its fun already.

short shifting at 5.5k rpm is torture especially without full throttle. It still manages to chirp at this rpm with almost half about torque.

The car seema to get louder and the over run pop and crackle are present now. Accelerating and lifting off now results on a nice pop and crackle that reminded me of my Boss, but not as loud of course. I can somehow compare the noise to that of a GTR with an exhaust. I need to finish my break in.

Now that the tires have gotten some miles on them, I am starting to throw it around in corners. This car has great steering and handles really well for a stock car. I am impressed given that both my 1M and E90 M3 are on KW Clubsports.
I wanna drift it!!!!!

And the seats plus ride are very comfy for long distance trips. The 4 door M3 can be the only car to have. But of course I need other cars :-P

I am sorry for my late updates.

Met with Stratus650 and his beautiful 1M. Took him for a ride and his comment was it sounded real different than the 1M. I think I need his comments in a post also.

Drove the E90 back to back with the F80.
I like the direct throttle of the E90 but the steering feel of the F80 is just great. I think that having camber plates changes how a steering wheel feels, but handling improves.

I am buying a VBOX tomorrow morning and I just finished 1100kms. So, I have to finish the next 900kms fast. I can't wait ro actually try the whole rpm range.

I can't get enough of watching those fenders.

Impressions - April 29

Mileage Update:

So the following mileage tests were all done on the highway. I did at the following speeds, 105km/h, 120km/h, 140km/h.
All tests were done using the cruise control. No variation in terms




This is now a more realistic figure which I did and varied my speed

Still, no full throttle of course or even kick down

The figures are in MPG based on BMW

Impressions - May 1

I haven't driven my 1M since getting the M3. Been very busy with work.

Drove my brother's 1M which has stock suspension but that felt bouncy compared to the M3. The 1M feels and is smaller and the manual transmission is still a joy. I will drive my car tomorrow (our weekend is Friday & Saturday) which has KW clubsports.

I need to concentrate on the turbo lag, because it is still there in the M3, but a tiny bit (unlike a GT2 which feels NA untill boost kicks in at 3500 and then all hell breaks loose.)

After driving the 1M for a while, the E90 M3 always felt more planted and less bouncy. I have KW Club sports on both. On the E90 M3 it became so comfortable while on the 1M it is a bit bouncy and rattly.

I enjoyed how I could through the E90 M3 in corners and drift. What happens when I get in the F80 M3 is I get an even bigger smile. It handles great, is comfortable and is stock. I thought that I would miss the Coilovers coming from the E90 but actually the F80 M3 has so much grip.

I like how it steers. The only difference in steering is you can choose how light or heavy the steering is and I believe that Sport is a great medium.


OK, after driving the 1M for a while, the E90 M3 always felt more planted and less bouncy. I have KW Club sports on both. On the E90 M3 it became so comfortable while on the 1M it is a bit bouncy and rattly.

I enjoyed how I could through the E90 M3 in corners and drift. What happens when I get in the F80 M3 is I get an even bigger smile. It handles great, is comfortable and is stock. I thought that I would miss the Coilovers coming from the E90 but actually the F80 M3 has so much grip.

I like how it steers. The only difference in steering is you can choose how light or heavy the steering is and I believe that Sport is a great medium.

Impressions - May 3

Sorry for being extremely busy.
The good thing, I have 160kms left on my break in and am going to use my VBOX.
The other thing, I got to drive my 1M all weekend.

The DCT "lag" I am talking about is the one you feel when leaving a stop. DCT boxes always seem like they slip clutches a lot in order to move. It's the same as in the M6 also so no biggie.
But, after driving my 1M with a manual, it does make a great difference when taking off, however the advantage is in the shift speed of the DCT. It's a give and take. I am glad I took a DCT, but that's because all my other cars are manual.

As for engine lag and boost. Both engines seem to be sharp and start building boost steadily after 2k rpm with a nicw kick in the 3500rpm +.
The M3 is smoother but I still don't get all the talk about pre-spooled turbo in Sport Plus and Sport (honestly, I don't feel it.)
What I know and I can compare with the 1M is the fact that if you are in the right gear and right rpm in a turbo car, turbo lag will be at a minimum.

I will try to record a 0-250km if possible (need to find an invisible road, om camera at least.)

I also heard there is a DCT software upgrade already for my car. Dunno if launch control is active or not yet, but will know at 2000kms.

Sorry for not keeping the forum updated
1M steering = F80 M3 on Sport
1M throttle = F80 M3 on efficient
1M on Sport= F80 on Sport
F80 on Sport+= no applicable to 1M

Impressions - May 4

I passed 2,000km and am now officially out of break in!

Launch control does work

DSC off
Then S3

Starts at 3K rpm
Cruise control speed stalk allows you to increase or decrease the launch rpm

I just ran out of "legal" road to reach 280.
Had to slow down a bit.

It is much faster than the 1M and M3. To the M6, this car was no drama, just LAUNCH!
I thought I will hear wheel spin but it just jumped. This will help if anyone wants to test side by side.

I will look at how to give my F80 to a friend in order to race my E90.

My passenger was intoxicated with the sound.
He also has a love for BMWs and said that he loves the sound so much.
It is more of an intake noise.
Also, when lowering the windows and shifting at redline it burps. Brrrrrt
I love it.

E90 M3 I still love you, but torque is something new to the M3.
When i drove the 1M for the first time, it always was faster on a day to day at low rpms

Will update once the VBOX is awake again!!!

Launch Control Video:

Impressions - May 9

Sorry for being absent

I was very busy at work and there was no time to drive the M3.

Glad that the reviews are finally coming out and how they like the steering. I don't know what they mean by numbness cause this car steers well and has lots of feel to me. It's direct and satisfying.

I also got to install a Recaro child seat which went in nicely in the back. I also took some friends for a ride and they were really impressed with the power and sound.
Actually, anyone I take is impressed with the power, sound and handling.

In order for me to get a good time on Vbox, I need to wake up at 4am cause that is when the weather is coolest (20c Celsius! !)

I will post some Vbox data early Sunday morning

As for the driving,
I enjoyed cornering hard and shifting....when the car is loaded in a corner and I shift, the dct shifts fast but very soft without upseting the chasis. I don't know if the E9X did the same when up shifting in a corner hard, but this just makes it so easy now. Feels a bit soft but means I can grab the next gear without the fear of upsetting the chasis. Try doing that upshift in a manual or in an SMG and the car would definitely snap out of line.

I also added the rubber mats from the regular 3 series.

Impressions / VBOX Results - May 11

Ok, VBOX Data is in, Finally.

Results and discussions at:

2014 Alpine White M3
Sakhir Orange Interior
Carbon roof
All options
Gulf spec - First car in here
Ordered in Dec
Traded my M6 for it

Name:  specs1.jpg
Views: 150660
Size:  105.1 KB
Name:  specs2.jpg
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Name:  specs3.jpg
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Size:  78.9 KB

Launch Control Video:

Video: Accleration and fly-by (exterior)

Car was in Sport+ mode and in S3

Video: Different sounds of the driving modes (Efficient, Sport, Sport Plus)

Video: Tunnel acceleration (pre-break-in)

Video: Cold Start, Idling, Acceleration/Driving

Video: Interior and idle sounds

Exhaust Video:

Engine/Interior Video:

Engine Idling Video:

Name:  20140423_175352.jpg
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Name:  20140423_175335.jpg
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Name:  20140423_175343.jpg
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Name:  alpinewhite-f80m3-2.jpg
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Name:  alpinewhite-f80m3-5.jpg
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Name:  20140423_181937_Richtone(HDR)_resized.jpg
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Name:  20140423_181913_Richtone(HDR)_resized.jpg
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Name:  alpinewhite-f80m3-4.jpg
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Name:  alpinewhite-f80m3-1.jpg
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More photos:

Name:  20140423_181537_resized.jpg
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Name:  20140423_181937_Richtone(HDR)_resized.jpg
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Name:  20140423_181913_Richtone(HDR)_resized.jpg
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Name:  f80m3-sakhirinterior.jpg
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Name:  f80m3-sakhirinterior1.jpg
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Name:  f80m3-sakhirinterior2.jpg
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Name:  f80m3-sakhirinterior3.jpg
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Name:  f80m3-sakhirinterior6.jpg
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Name:  f80m3-sakhirinterior4.jpg
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Name:  f80m3-sakhirinterior5.jpg
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Name:  20140423_181655_Richtone(HDR).jpg
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Name:  Photo Apr 24, 8 07 04 AM.jpg
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Name:  Photo Apr 24, 6 42 26 PM.jpg
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Name:  Photo Apr 24, 6 42 30 PM.jpg
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Delivered F80 M3

Name:  uae1.jpg
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Name:  uae2.jpg
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Name:  uae3.jpg
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Front gap

Name:  uae4.jpg
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Name:  uae5.jpg
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Rear gap
Name:  uae6.jpg
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Name:  uae7.jpg
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Name:  uae8.jpg
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F80 M3 fender vs E90 M3 fender

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woo hoo!
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Can we get a review? How is the steering feel?
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not sure if serious, but if so AWESOME and review needed now
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alpine white? Looks damn good.
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Well, he is now the most envied person on this forum. I for one will hate you till August.
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AHHHH Congrats Sakhir Orange interior pics ASAPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

m340ix Mineral Grey/Tacora Red
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Wow, well done. I've been told that I'll be able to see my new SO M3 on June 20th, but I'll not be able to drive it away until the UK Official Launch day of 21st June, so that is 8 weeks and 2 days until I see it.
F80 M3 Sakhir Orange with DCT and TV collected 21 June 2014.
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WTF you already picked yours up?! I have to wait until June, although I am in the states. I am loving the Alpine White. Please review ASAP! Especially on the steering. Oh and congrats!

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Please share your thought and driving impressions ASAP
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AWESOME!!! Can't wait to get mine in late June - MW/SO combo.
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What a shocker, boring AW. Don't worry, I'll probably be joining that club too
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My exact car (minus DCT)!! Looks great!
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Let me test drive it..
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Wooowwww!!! Is this for real??? Congrats OP!!!! Car looks beautiful!!!

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      04-23-2014, 09:36 AM   #19
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Exhaust revs in sport plus please
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      04-23-2014, 09:37 AM   #20
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Then - E53, E85, E92, E82, F15, F80, G01
Now - F97, Macan S
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      04-23-2014, 09:38 AM   #21
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That's my ride minus the silver wheels and add black wheels. Thx for the pics.

Please post pics of interior. Did you get full leather?
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      04-23-2014, 09:40 AM   #22
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looking forward to all the reviews, pictures and videos. Surprised about this early release 2 months ahead of schedule.
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