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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
My apologies for missing that.

I think swamp's second guess of 3600lbs and 450hp for the F80 is a very good one. I realize that is more than a 4% improvement vs. the current car's 8.81 lb/hp (though that figure is for the E92, not the E90 which is slightly heavier), but irrespective of that, it gives the F10 M5 with 7.66 lb/hp about the right amount of breathing room IMHO.
You are on to something there...

The other thing to consider is that the M5 has been repositioned in the sense that it is now larger and more luxurious than ever before. M said they would not make an M7 (M Performance is coming BTW) because it is too large to be a true track car but with the F10 that is really what they have done.

That said, the M3 is what they race, the M3 is what is positioned against the true sports cars so it may be in Ms marketing decisions to reposition the M3 (and if you read what they are saying about it being their "performance halo") as the model they no longer hold back on.

I've been told that the new F80 is a game changer on many levels. The M3 CRT was a hint at the future with its 450hp and 150lbs less weight yielding an impressive 7.7lbs/hp. That seems like a nice round number